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Auto Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignment is crucial to the health of your vehicle; keeping up the carefully calculated locations that the components have been set to keep your vehicle driving straight, is important. You will need an alignment if you have run over a large pothole or anything in the road that may have bumped your suspension. A helpful indicator to tell if you need an alignment is to check and see if your tires are wearing unevenly. Keeping your car going straight on the road is part of everyday road safety and an indispensable part of routine upkeep to maintain your suspension.

Serving the Pinehurst, Aberdeen, and Southern Pines areas of NC, our skilled professionals at Tri City Auto Service are here to help. We will properly measure your caster, camber, and toe to get your alignment as accurate as possible allowing for even wear on all four tires and extending the life of your vehicle's suspension.

Auto Alignment System

Tri City Auto Service uses a high quality Hawkeye alignment system, featuring 4 high resolution cameras.  This high tech system creates a 3D model of wheel position independent of wheel orientation, ensuring the best auto wheel alignment available.  Our system uses specific protected mounts on the wheels to prevent any and all damage to the wheel surface.

Our skilled professionals will take the time that is needed to make sure your alignment is done properly, performing a routine service that is a preventative measure to avoid costly repairs by prolonging the life of your tires and suspension.

  •     2 Wheel Alignment: $59.95
  •     4 Wheel Alignment: $69.95
  •     Tires Rotate & Balance: $25.95

Contact us today at (910) 692-9007 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

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