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Air Conditoning Service

The summer months can be unrelenting when it comes to heating up your vehicle. Not everyone has the luxury of parking under a shaded area, and when out and about, parking lots are unforgiving when heating your vehicle up like a greenhouse and baking everything inside. Stepping inside your vehicle after a hot day in the sun, can be torture but when having a properly working air conditioning unit, your automobile can be an escape from the heat.

Just like any other area of your vehicle, your auto A/C unit should be properly maintained to assure you don't experience the tortures of having to drive unpleasant miles in the sun and heat, and can be costly to replace once they do actually completely break. At Tri City Auto Service, we handle everything concerning your vehicle's auto air conditioning unit to keep it running cool and efficiently.

To ensure the best health of your vehicle's A/C unit, it is important to keep note of the way your air feels and if it doesn't feel as cool as it did when you first purchased your vehicle. If you think your A/C unit isn't keeping you refreshed and cooled, chances are it needs to be inspected. Some signs of an unhealthy A/C unit may be as simple as noticing the air is feeling less refreshing and weak. This could be a simple fix, like having your A/C recharged with Freon, but sometimes, may be a bit of a bigger issue, like the compressor no longer pressurizing the refrigerant to properly cool the air.

At Tri City Auto Service, we inspect every auto A/C unit thoroughly, from checking your Freon to making sure your compressor and condenser are performing to their fullest efficiency. If there is an issue beyond low Freon levels, we will repair your auto's A/C unit's failed parts by replacing them with high quality parts bringing promising you a comfortable and cool ride that is sure to work every time you need it. No one should have to suffer the burdening heat of a hot vehicle, so give us a call today if you feel your unit needs servicing and we'll be happy to help you!

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