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Suspension Repair

Your vehicle's suspension is far more important than most people are aware of. A healthy suspension is not only imperative to the handling of your vehicle and how comfortable and smooth the ride is, but it is a central part of your safety. A worn out or damaged shock, spring, or strut can adversely cause effects to your vehicle's handling, braking, and acceleration posing as a serious safety hazard. Checking long term wear items like ball joints and tie rods is also extremely important, as a failure would be very dangerous.

Suspensions in need of repair can also cause early tire wear and lower your MPG, costing significant amounts of money. Making sure that your vehicle's suspension is both healthy and in safe working order is therefore a fundamental part of your vehicle's maintenance and should never be overlooked.

Some important signs to be aware of when it comes to your vehicle's suspension and to know when it is time for service or replacement are:

  •     Any fluid leaking from the shock or strut body
  •     Dents or damage in the strut body
  •     Worn or broken mounts or bushings
  •     Uneven tire wear
  •     Vehicle leans or sways in turns
  •     Vehicle dips or "nose dives" when braking
  •     Dancing" or bouncing after driving over a bump
  •     Vehicle feels unsteady, shaky, or flighty at speed
  •     Steering becomes stiff or noisy

If your vehicle is showing any of these signs it is in need of repair. Our auto suspension experts here at Tri City Auto Center can handle any job regarding your vehicle's suspension needs. Our auto suspension shop is fully equipped to handle any suspension repair your vehicle may need, promptly having you back safely on the road. If your suspension is completely worn and in need of a replacement, we do full replacements as well.

We are the premier auto repair shop serving the Southern Pines, Aberdeen, and Pinehurst areas of NC and would love to earn your business.  Contact us for more information.

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