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Full Service Tire Shop

Tires are the only actual part of your vehicle that makes direct contact with the road and should be properly maintained throughout their life to ensure longevity and safety. Keeping tires properly inflated and your vehicle properly aligned is important to long tire life and safety.

Tri City Auto Center is a full service tire shop serving the Pinehurst, Aberdeen, and Southern Pines of the Tri City, NC area.  Our specialists at will properly maintain your tires, from rotations to replacements.

Tire Services Offered

  •     Rotate & Balance - $25.95
  •     New Tire Sales & Installation
  •     Alignment (2 & 4 Wheel)
  •     Free Alignment Check w/ Mount & Balance

When to Replace Car Tires

It's important to replace tires before they are bald.  Bald tires are dangerous because they provide insufficient traction and may have worn all the way through to the structural part of the tire, leading to the possibility of a blowout.  Tires need a minimum of 4/32 of an inch, but there is a convenient method to check if your tires need to be replaced.  Take a quarter and place it in the tread with George Washington's head facing down.  If the tread does not touch his head, it's time to replace your tires.  It's important to check the tread in several places in case of uneven wear.  If you aren't comfortable checking your tires stop by and we'll be glad to check your tread life for free.

Tire Rotation & Balance

Tire rotation is an important part of vehicle maintenance, especially on front wheel drive vehicles where tires have a tendency to wear out more quickly than the rear. Rotating the tires (exchanging the front tires with the rears), should be done periodically to facilitate uniform wear on all four tires.  We recommend every 5,000 miles.

Our professionals will rotate your tires while checking air pressure and inspecting the tires for safety. Changes in the weather or slow leaks will cause pressure loss, and maintaining the right amount of air specified by your vehicles manufacturer will prolong the life of your tires as well as keeping up the safety of your vehicle.

Contact us today at (910) 692-9007 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

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